Splitter is a story-driven interactive video concept, based on the idea creating stories in the users heads by using associative assembled video-, music- and lyric-parts.
By making subconscious decisions, the users navigate through a succession of splitscreen-compositions, but instead of deciding for one of few pre-produced storylines, every decision can effect the whole plot.

The succession of the different splitscreen-compositions is based on the users previous decisions. While seeing a composition, they get to hear lyrics which associates differently with every video composition.
By hovering over one of the splitscreen parts, an atmospherical sound feedback fades-in, which underlines the mood of their selection. While hovering for a certain time, the users navigate to the next splitscreen composition.


Beginning and end of every story show the same videos. Every path the users are taking, let them interpretate the last frame differently. Therefore this project uses the Kuleshov effect, which means that every scene can have several crossconnections, which create another plot in the users minds.

Splitter ScreenshotSplitter Screenshot
Splitter ScreenshotSplitter Screenshot