In 2017 Spiegel Online, appeared as one of the first german publischers on Snapchat Discover. The social media plattform allowed mediacompanies to publish their journalistic content in a daily issue. The content is especially tailored to the mediaconsumption of the audience, which were mostly teenagers and displayed in summarising 10 second animations.
As a motion designer at the team, I created the animations for the articles.

Special Snaps


A feature released on the Spiegel mainpage as well as on Snapchat. Together with Lennart Breede, we created the visuel interpretation for the articel of Isabella Reichert and Henning Jauernig about how we will life in the furture.

Sandra's Story

Sandra is a young woman reporting about how her boyfriend dragged her in to prostitution and how she found her way out of that business. To protect the protagonist as well as the audience, there were no images shown and we created a key-visual for that special story.

10 Seconds:
An entertaining Video from the internet, titled as "10 seconds of ...".

News that didn't need a deeper explanation or are less entertaining are summarized on one snap to give the audience an overview and keep them updated.

First Snap of the daily issue which gives an overview of the contained content.

a highly customizable template with preadjusted styles made it easy for everyone to create high-quality snaps with little effort.