Rauch Licht und Raufaser

 „Rauch, Licht und Raufaser“ is a song from the band AB Syndrom, which approaches the topic of being stuck in routines and not getting along. The lyrics describe several situations during a house party, while each verse builds an associative picture of going around in circles. The chorus summarises that condition:

»Und wir drehen uns hier im Kreis Kreis Kreis, Ich weiß.
Und ich steh hier im kalten Schweiß Schweiß Schweiß, Ich weiß.«

And we are turning around around around in a cicle, I know.
And I am standing here coverd in cold sweat sweat sweat, I know.

»How to let people hear, see and feel the context of a song«

Instead on linear video, we created several loop videos, which repeat without noticeable cut. Related to the lyrics, the user is stuck in either one of the micro loops, which repeat one verse over and over again. Only through interaction with the video it can break out of that circulation.

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